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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Holy Hilarity, Batman!

For centuries, the Sunday after Easter has been celebrated in a lighter, more humorous, vein.  After the seriousness and intensity of Lent, particularly for those participating in fasts and study in preparation for joining the church on Easter Sunday, the church recognized that people needed a little lightening of their spirits.  We, too, as a congregation, for the past two decades or so, have developed the tradition of celebrating Holy Hilarity Sunday the week after Easter.
This may seem like an awkward time for humor.  We live in a time where we are surrounded by a hidden killer called Coronavirus, and each day we see the death and infection tallies on the news.  We are sheltering in our homes, physically shut off from the rest of the world, and when we do go out, we are advised to wear masks and keep six feet or more distance from other people.  People are losing their jobs in unimaginable numbers.  Businesses are closed.  People are running out of money and can’t pay their rent, mortgage, loans, bills.  There are fears the world is heading for an economic depression worse than the Great Depression of 90 years ago.  How could humor possibly be appropriate now?
Actually, humor is not only appropriate, but necessary, now more than ever.  Psychology and studies of the brain have shown that laughter helps us relax.  It eases stress and anxiety.  It releases chemicals in our brain that are healthy for it.  Humor breaks us out of our obsessing about the negative things in our lives.  It can give us a healthier perspective on the events going on around us, and increases our capacity to deal with it.  It does not dismiss the seriousness of life, but it helps us to not take life, and ourselves, too seriously.  Too much worry is physically unhealthy for us, and for that, laughter really is the best medicine.
So break out the old Calvin & Hobbes books.  Watch a Pink Panther movie.  See if you can binge-watch Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, M*A*S*H*, or Monty Python.  Google “Church Jokes,” or call up Bob White and have him tell you a few.  Look for ways to laugh.  God created laughter to help get us through times like these.
Ho, Ho, Ho,